Saturday, April 18, 2009

American Apple Earring

American Apple Earring

Description: Fun and cute silver apples with American flag style print. If you want something casual that stands out don't go pass these earrings.
Condition: New

AUD $6.00

excludes shipping from Australia

any queries or for general information you can email us at or add me to msn for live chat.


  1. i think the photos make my hair darker than it is haha dont mind linking at all! until next time <3

  2. you guys should add photos of what you all the blog! I follow your xanga blogs and you have great photos. You could also think about adding other "bloggers" to your blogroll to get more hits/people coming to your site. Like the Cherry Blossom Girl, The CLothes Horse, Blog De Betty, Hot Chocolate & Mint, and some Aussie/HK blogs, etc...


Thank you so much for the comments guys! Means that you want to share the love just as I'd like to! muah muah xoxox


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