Friday, May 15, 2009

Tickled Pink Hummingbird Earrings

Tickled Pink Hummingbird Earring

Description: Delicate little cut out earrings with seperate lilly attachment a very fun piece of jewellery for the little girl in all of us! Wear this with your favourite floral dress and flutter away...
Condition: New

AUD $11.00

excludes shipping from Australia

any queries or for general information you can email us at or add me to msn for live chat.


  1. So pretty! I wish my ears were pierced! xxoxoxo

  2. hello...

    i am in love with your photography...i found you through xanga...i was curious to know what camera you use...your pictures are amazing...i love your night shots...


  3. Great pictures, what a great post :)
    This blog is pretty cool also,
    Please check out mine!


Thank you so much for the comments guys! Means that you want to share the love just as I'd like to! muah muah xoxox


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